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Tales of  Therapy Dog Book Launch February 2017

Houston's official therapy dog and her human Trish Herrera + artist Gary Yokie hosted a book signing for Tales of a Therapy Dog, which tells the story of a one-eyed, three-legged Golden Retriever and her journey to help all kinds of folks heal & feel loved. Release Paw-ty February 2017 at Wavelength Salon.

 Tales of  Therapy Dog  Book 
Press Release: Trish Herrera and Angel, Houston's Official Therapy Dog, Book launch of "Angel: Tales of a Therapy Dog." Angel was designated as Houston's official therapy dog by former Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, which continues under Mayor Sylvester Turner. 

Angel's book is written to inspire children of all ages through the power of reading while teaching many lessons, including one of acceptance of others' differences and disabilities -- Angel was born with only one eye and three legs. Her work as a therapy dog fosters and extends unconditional love to individuals who are recovering and healing in hospitals or who simply need a loving visit from a fuzzy friend, such as our elderly in nursing homes. Angel's story touches all of these individuals and brings hope to all that you can make a positive impact in your community regardless of your limitations.  

Toy Available at angelhap.com
Book Available at: Amazon Book Patch Barnes and Noble

Watch Angel's video from Memorial Hermann or visit our website for more information: www.angelhap.com

June 2016 Trish Herrera with Gary Yokie Artist Illustrator of Tales of a Therapy Dog and Jeopardy contestant and Angel Official Therapy Dog of Houston

Women are Dominating Houston Music, Both Onstage and Behind the Scenes

May 2016 Photo: Todd Spoth 

Photo: Kyle Garrison II 2015 NYC

Currently writing Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction

Tales of a Therapy Dog Angel Therapy Dog


  • Wavelength Hair Salon Established 1978
  • Follow Wavelength on Facebook WavelengthOnFacebook
  • 2010 Addition of Lindsay Platt, Dharma Skin Spa
  • 2000 April/May Lather Rinse Repeat performance at Contemporary Art museum cutting and shaving heads
  • Sassoon trained hairdresser/salon owner of Wavelength Salon
  • Contributed sculptural hair for Lawndale's first annual Hair Ball 
  • Received awards in Houston City Magazine, Houston Metropolitan Magazine, Houston Post Newspaper, Houston Press Newspaper and Outsmart Magazine for "Best Of" in Houston
  • 1997 received recognition in Houston's Out Smart Magazine as Houston's hippest hairdresser
  • The salon began its debut in 1978 on the infamous Westhiemer curve during the punk/new wave revolution


Trish is singer and guitarist of Mydolls and No Love Less


Recording Peace Anthem Easter at Sugar Hill Studios with Dan Workman

For over 40 years, Mydolls has created and inspired art in the true spirit of the punk rock ethos: do it yourself and be yourself. These post-punk pioneers have been making relevant, timeless songs that inspire us to rise above and resist hate.
Mydolls is an experimental art-punk band which formed in 1978 in Houston. The lineup consists of Trish Herrera (guitars and vocals), Dianna Ray (bass and vocals), Linda Younger (guitar and vocals) and George Reyes (drums and vocals). One of Houston’s earliest punk bands, Mydolls created a D.I.Y. sound that is as ethereal, fluid and poetic as it is politically charged and feminist. As influencers in Houston’s contemporary art history, these pioneering musicians have paved a path for women and minorities in the music and arts scenes.
During the 1980s, Mydolls recorded several albums including the 12″ EP Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick on the indepdent, Houston-based label C.I.A. Records. Mydolls was featured on the iconic Seattle label Sub Pop’s #7 compilation cassette released in 1982 showcasing a diverse lineup of underground new wave artists. While in London, John Peel interviewed Linda about the Texas punk scene on BBC Radio and debuted Mydolls’ first 45 record, In Technicolor (CIA, 1980), to an international audience. Mydolls’ music also had an impact on internationally acclaimed filmmaker Wim Wenders, who cast the band in a cameo role performing the song “A World of Her Own” in the Cannes award-winning film PARIS, TEXAS (1984). In 2007, Mydolls’ anthology CD, A World of Her Own, was released by the label Grand Theft Audio. Houston Press inducted Mydolls into their inaugural Music Hall of Fame in 2013.
Mydolls and the Houston punk scene were the focus of a 20HERTZ music-based lecture, performance and archive display at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston in 2016, and the SPEAKEASY experimental music and art program series at Lawndale Art Center in 2017, where they released a collectible edition of It’s Too Hot for Revolution. In February 2018, Mydolls released their latest single, “Easter,” as a political anthem to resist the hateful rhetoric and actions of the current administration.
Discover Mydolls on Bandcamp: https://mydolls.bandcamp.com/merch
Mydolls (1978-present) is an American post-punk band from Houston whose relevant, timeless songs have inspired us to rise above and resist hate. The women-led group has been recognized by art institutions, such as Contemporary Art Museum Houston and Lawndale Art Center, and the Houston Press Music Hall of Fame for its 40-year advocacy of equality, female empowerment, and minority representation in the arts. Mydolls’ music was introduced to international audiences during an interview with John Peel on BBC Radio and during a cameo role in Wim Wenders’ classic, award-winning film PARIS, TEXAS (1984). As one of Houston’s earliest punk bands, Mydolls has created a D.I.Y. sound that is as ethereal, fluid and poetic as it is politically charged and feminist. For over 40 years, Mydolls has performed in the true spirit of the punk rock ethos: do it yourself and be yourself.
Houston, Texas
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Mydolls at 2017 Women's Conference at University of Houston:

Mydolls with Nancy Agin Dunnahoe, Wild Dog Archives, at her exhibition of Archives Collections at University of Houston Women's Conference: Also with Filmmaker Cressandra Thibideaux.

Mydolls with Liia Thrasher coordinator of Women in the Arts Take Action at University of Houston's shotgun room exhibition of Mydolls archives:

Mydolls Shotgun Room Exhibition

Trish and Alice Bag at Walter's
with FEA and Screech of Death June 2017

More Fun with Alice 2017 Spring at Walter's Downtown Photo: Heather Johnson

Benefit week For Christian Kidd Fighting Cancer June 2017

Mydolls In-store show at Cactus Music. Photo: David Leftwich  April 1, 2017

Mydolls 3/12/2017 Last Concert Cafe @south By Due East Festival


Mydolls 2017 @ Satellite Bar with Fea and Only Beast 

Mydolls release of Easter 2018
In February 2018, Mydolls released their latest single, “Easter,” as a political anthem to resist the hateful rhetoric and actions of the current administration.
Discover Mydolls on Bandcamp: https://mydolls.bandcamp.com/merch

Mydolls release of their limited edition collectible red vinyl EP, It’s Too Hot for Revolution.
SPEAKEASY at Lawndale Art Center
Mydolls and Lazer Kittenz (Girls Rock Camp Band)
Collectible Vinyl Release + Art Talk
Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7 PM
Free and open to the public
Lawndale Art Center is proud to present the third installment of SPEAKEASY, a program featuring music, performance, and discussions of contemporary art that takes its cue from the eponymously titled series that took place at Lawndale from 1993-2002. Featuring Mydolls' release of their limited edition collectible red vinyl EP, It’s Too Hot for Revolution, and a Q&A session with Pete Gershon and friend of the band/former Lawndale Executive Director MaryRoss Taylor, SPEAKEASY will take place on Friday, March 3, 2017, at 7 pm. Lazer Kittenz and Mydolls will perform in the gallery.

Interview with Mydolls at FreePress
  • Mydolls 8 song CD Release 2015 "It's Too Hot for Revolution" available online at  www.mydollsmusic.com
Mydolls At the Contemporary Art Museum July 28, 2016

  • Trish is Guitar and Vocal teacher at Girls Rock Camp Houston 2009-present
  • Mydolls inducted into Inaugural Houston Music Hall of Fame August 2013 
  • Houston Music Hall of Fame Award Ceremony August  Warehouse Live 2013
  • Mydolls at MEOW Con (a conference for women in music) Austin October 2013. W/ Suzi Quatro, June Millington (Fanny)  Frightwig, Kathy Valentine (GoGos) MEOW CON
  • Mydolls at Numbers June 2014 Urban Animals 35th Reunion
  • Mydolls at 35 Denton 2015 at Rubber Gloves
  • Mydolls at Walter's with Vast Majority February 2015
  • Mydolls at Veriditas Farm May 2015
  • Mydolls at The Continental Club with Say Girl Say and Two Star Symphony May 2015
  • Mydolls at 35 Denton Showcase at The Silver Leaf June 6, 2015 (Denton, Texas)
  • Mydolls at Yosemite Village, CA, 2015 September 24-27 FABULOSA CELEBRATING WOMEN IN MUSIC, FILM, ARTS AND EDUCATION  Mydolls Plays Saturday at 7 pm September 26
  • Mydolls Open for the Avengers Leo's Music Club 5447 Telegraph
  • Avenue Oakland, Ca. SEPT. 27, 2015 7:00 pm  

  • Mydolls Contemporary Arts Museum July 2016


Mydolls Houston Public Library

  • Mydolls in Austin Elysium opening for Crass Records Andy T April 2016
  • Mydolls at SxSW @Beerland
  • Carousel Lounge Austin March 2016

Cheer Up Charlies Austin 2016 February


  Last Concert Cafe Houston 2015
  • SXSW BeerLand 2016
  • 35 Denton  2016

Mydolls at Sugar Hill Recording Studio with Andy Bradley 2014

Mydolls at Houston Music Hall of Fame Ceremony 2013 Photo: Kelly Younger 


Dianna Ray Bass Vocals
Linda Younger Guitar and Vocals
George Reyes Drums
Trish Herrera Guitar Vocals

Contact Mydolls at: mydollstexas@gmail.com

Visit Mydolls Website: www.mydollsmusic.com

Mydolls on Wikipedia



Mydolls No Skater Left Behind Benefit for Kevin Garner Kickin' Cancer's Ass at Last Concert Cafe

Dianna Ray  Trish Herrera Photos: Ann Lynn Moser

Mydolls at The Continental Club with Say Girl Say and Two Star Symphony May 2015 Photos: Ken Hoge

Mydolls Merch Continental Club

Mydolls at Veriditias Farm Spring 2015

Mydolls Played 35Denton festival on Saturday March 14, 2015 at Rubber Glove 
Guests included The Zombies and Jimmy Dale Gilmore
Trish Herrera and Jenny Hoyston of Erase Erata at the Zombies Show 
(Trish and Jenny knew all the words)

Mydolls at Walter's April 2015

Mydolls George Reyes at Numbers Houston Urban Animal Reunion 2014 Photo: Richard Tomcala

Mydolls induction into The Houston Music Hall of Fame 2103
Award Ceremony August 6, 2013 at Warehouse LIVE  Photo: Sharon Ferranti 2013

Mydolls with Vast Majority at Walters 2015 February Photo: Sheryl Stephenson

Urban Animals 35th Reunion at Numbers June 2014 Photo: Ken Hoge 2014

Mydolls at Number  Urban Animal Reunion Photo: Richard Tomcala 2014 

Urban Animals Reunion 2014 Photo: F. Carter Smith

Mydolls Walter's Houston Omni Agora Island Party 2013

Mydolls Walter's with Vacation Eyes and Hearts of Animals March 2013

Island Reunion at Walter's November 10, 2012


Photos:David Ensminger

Photo:Heather Davis                                                           Photo: Trish Herrera

Photo: David Ensminger
Dan Electro's

RIP Kathy Johnston 1953-2011


Rudz Meatless Good Friday April 22, 2011
Mydolls No Love Less, Anarchitex (CD release) Biscuit Bombs and Zipperneck

Mydolls Pik n Pac Reunion December 10, 2010

Photos: David Ensminger

San Antonio September 2010 at Night Rocker

2013 Mydolls recorded at Big Door Recording Studios in NASA.
Project: It's Too Hot For Revolution. In this session Mydolls recorded, Don't Fucking Die, a song written by Kathy Johnston and Linda Younger about their fight against Cancer.
2013 Mydolls inducted into Houston Music Hall of Fame
2013 Mydolls play at MEOW CON

2008 Mydolls music in film Claire Denis, 35 Shots of Rhum 
2009 Mydolls music in film INVICTA 
2007 Mydolls double CD released on the Grand Theft Audio.
1986 Mydolls' "A World of Her Own" is featured in the Paris,Texas film soundtrack.
1986 Mydolls opened for the New York film festival 1986 at the Danceteria.
1982 Mydolls Opened for Siouxsie and the Banshees at Numbers in Houston

Mydolls at the Island
Photo: Ben DeSoto circa 1981


Mydolls recorded on Sub-Pop, Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death and various international alternative compilations and Houston Independent label CIA records working with Andy Bradley Sugar Hill Recording Studio.

Mydolls and Andy Bradley at Sugar Hill Book Release party 2010

Linda Younger, Mydolls Guitarist and Trish 2010 at Girls Rock Fundraiser
Photo:Joanie Patrick


NO LOVE LESS    Project began October 31, 2010
David Ensminger Drums Vocals  original member -2013
Trish Herrera Guitar Vocals Oringinal Member -2013
Mary Manning Performance and studio 2010-2011
Kristen Kemp Drums Vocals Guitar Bass 2011-2012 performance and studio
Dianna Ray Vocals and Bass Original Member- 2013
Bob Weber Drums Performance 2012
Adam Stanley Drums Guitars Vocals 2013

No Love Less 2017 Women in Punk Austin Austin on Nov. 4th, 2017, starting around 9 PM at the Carousel Lounge! It features the sweltering, incisive talent of Mish Bondage (Michelle Miller) singing the tunes of Sado-Nation, one of Portland's finest underground acts, Lizzie Boredom (with Erica Guagliardi, formerly of Here Holy Spain) from Dallas, a razory, raw power trio that brims with Riot Grrrl explosity and late 1970's first wave smarts and firebrand rage. Also included is the feisty artcore of Mydolls, with two members of legendary Mydolls, who bridge Gang of Four style with Fugazi. Plus, Screech of Death, featuring Arthur Hays, the drummer for the Next, as well as Lisafer, from such iconic bands as DI, Nina Hagen, Snap-her, and 45 Grave

 Photo: Greg Rabel  

No Love Less @ Barbarella June 2016

No Love Less Walter's 2016

No Love Less opener for London Girl and Jealous Creatures November 2015

No Love Less at Rudyard's 2015

No Love Less Garage recordings 2014 with Jamie Sralla

Trish with Jr Delgado

Trish Herrera
Presently Mydolls 1978- present and No Love Less 2010-DATE singer, guitarist, song writer.
Trish singer with cyper punk opera with members of AK-47 release 2012.
1986-95 Trish music projects: include Mamas and Dadas, Part of the Monster, Women With Instruments, They Should Have Been Blondes, Black Dresses and the Women's Drum Corps.
1978-1986 and presently active: Guitarist/singer of punk band Mydolls.
1980 Backup vocals on Deniz Tek on Australia's Radio Birdman Song RPM Recorded by Andy Bradley. 
1976-77 Backup vocals for Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys.


One person show of paintings at William Steen's Studio One 1983.
Continuing drawing and painting.

  • Film and Photography
  • 2011 Appearance in Art Car the Movie
  • 2011 Author Photo Credit: Girl, Wanted: The Chase for Sarah Pender by Steve Miller
  • 2010 Houston It's Worth It Hurricane Ike Quotes and Photos
  • 2009 Mydolls music in  film Claire Denis, 35 Shots of Rhum.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1100048/ 2009
  • 2009 Mydolls music in film INVICTA http://www.invictamovie.com/ 2009
  • 1986 Appearance in Cannes Film festival Wim Wender's award winning movie Paris, Texas.
  • 1985 Mydolls opened for the New York film festival 1986 at the famed Danceteria.
  • 1984 Mydolls' "A World of Her Own" is featured in the Paris, Texas film soundtrack.
  • 1978 Mydolls forms in Houston, Texas

In 1984, Kit and Carl Detering donated a 1967 Ford Station Wagon to the Orange ShowFoundation to be auctioned at their annual gala. With a budget of $800 for paint and plastic fruit, artist Jackie Harris transformed the car into a mobile work of art and called it “The Fruitmobile.” A group purchased the car at auction and donated it back to The Orange Show Foundation. That same year, Ann Harithas curated an exhibition called “Collision” at Lawndale Art Center that featured several spectacular art cars. Art cars began to be seen on the streets of Houston. In 1986, as part of New Music America, the artist Tom Cora led the Rice MOB in an artists parade organized by Trish Herrera and Rachel Hecker that ended at the opening event of the Cullen Sculpture Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Also in 1986, The Orange Show Foundation organized “The Road Show” a two day exhibit of Art Cars that included workshops and displays of local art cars and low-riders. Two years later, The Orange Show Foundation agreed to organize a parade focused on the art car for the Houston International Festival and the Houston Art Car Parade was born.

Trish Herrera 
Perfomed in Wim Wenders Paris Texas as la chanteuse. 1986 Cannes film Palm d'or

Performed in staged Reading 1996 at Nantucket film festival in Mary Stuart Masterson's Grapefruit Moon. Played Rosalia Nash wirh David Baldwin.


Photo Debbie Murphy 2015.

From 2001-2009 I immersed myself in rescuing Golden Retrievers.
I, with some of the members of Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue, founded Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston in 2002. My work has been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs. At this time I have raised a special needs puppy, Angel, who is the most amazing miracle in my life. Angel is a certified Therapy dog with Faithful Paws Therapy and has five AKC titles.
I volunteer at Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue.
I am also involved in Girl's Rock Camp Houston as a guitar and vocal teacher. 
My interests lie in writing, film, hair, music, fashion, art, dogs, travel, architecture, photography and love in all its glory.
Being yourself is always in fashion.
Thank you,
Trish Herrera


                           Photo: F.Carter Smith September 2009