On July 22, 2015 Angel was Proclaimed Houston's Official Therapy Dog By Mayor Annise Parker and Councilman David Robinson
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  • Angel
  • River Ranch Rose Angelique Herrera
  • Angel was born March 9, 2009 with 3 legs and one eye.
  • Agel was adopted from River Ranch Dogs from parents 2K and Honor. 
  • Angel loves to swim, wear a sock on her head and she adores guitars.
  • She can catch a cookie off of her nose and do a pretty wonderful three-legged spin dance.
  • Angel is now a Certified Therapy Dog with Faithful Paws in Houston and has Obedience Certification, Good Citizen Certification and has recieved the highest title in Dog Therapy, Distinguished.
  • Angel works at the Methodist Hospital, Hermann Memorial Hosptial, Sheltering Arms Assisted Care, with Students at the University of Houston and visits The Hampton Assisted Care. 
  • AKC Therapy Dog Certification October 2013
  • AKC Therapy Dog Advanced April 2015 
  • On Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 1:30 pm, in a ceremony at City Hall, Angel was honored to represent all of the Houston Therapy Pets as Official Therapy Dog of Houston. 
  • A stuffed toy replica of Angel has been produced to raise awareness about special needs people and animals and as a charitble gift to the patients Angel visits.
  • Stuffed Toy to be Modeled after "Disabled" Dog, Ideas, Inventions and Innovations
  • Her proclamation was given by City Council Member David W. Robinson, Houston City Council At-Large Position 2 and Mayor Annise Parker
    Angel is an active member of Faithful Paws Pet Therapy Organization. Angel's breeder Barbara Shapley at River Ranch refused to take her veterinarian's advice and euthanize her at birth. Barbara called me, Trish Herrera.  I had been working in rescue for 9 years and Barbara wanted Angel to have a good safe home. It was a private adoption. I signed the AKC papers and picked Angel up at 5 weeks old from Barbara's ranch.  Barbara had aready signal-trained Angel. Angel was an only puppy, a very rare occurrence among Golden Retrievers. Angel needed to play with other dogs to learn socialization.
  • So, Angel grew up with a friends Shitzu, named Zoe.
  • Angel is an amazing therapy dog. She knows just when to be a clown and when to be serious. I love her deeply. She was named Angel, by Barbara. Barbara, who had 8 champion Golden Retrievers, kept Angel's photo by her bedside. Sadly Barbara has passed away now and I am so grateful for her trust and for giving me Angel.
  • Angel has never known anything but love.
  • Angel is a reminder to fight for the ones who are different, the ones who are weaker, the ones who look like throw-aways because they may just surprise you. 
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Angel's book is written to inspire children of all ages through the power of reading while teaching many lessons, including one of acceptance of others' differences and disabilities -- Angel was born with only one eye and three legs. Her work as a therapy dog fosters and extends unconditional love to individuals who are recovering and healing in hospitals or who simply need a loving visit from a fuzzy friend, such as our elderly in nursing homes. Angel's story touches all of these individuals and brings hope to all that you can make a positive impact in your community regardless of your limitations.  

Please watch Angel's video from Memorial Hermann. Angel Video
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Angel Hap LLC. launched the Angel, Therapy Dog Toy. The stuffed toy is a beautiful little replica of Angel. available on The toys are sold so some can be given to patients along Angel’s rounds in her Therapy work.

The Angel toy includes a tiny replica of Angel’s proclamation by Mayor Annise Parker and Councilman David Robinson and continues to be recognized by Mayor Sylvester Turner. The toy also includes a cute little tag with Angel's special logo which was created by Gary Yokie and a replica of her proclamation. Available on AngelHap site:






                                          Angel 2012

Angel, a sweet two month old puppy. 2009

                                               Aaarrrgh! Angel By the Art Guys 2010

                                               AAARRRGH! ANGEL

Three Paws


Trish and Angel 2015

      Trish and Angel 2014


Our Newest addition: Meet Livy

Angel's cousin Livy has come to live with us.
Livy was born October 8, 2017.



     Livy is a North American Diving Dog 2018


Livy NADD Elite and 2nd Place in Competition 2019


Photo: Melissa Larriviere

Livy matching the longest Golden Retriever jump to date.
AKC North American Dive Dogs on July 25, 2019 Houston Dive Dogs at 27.6 feet.
She ranks #2 in Golden Retriever Breed and #92 in Elite Division.

Photo: Melissa Larriviere


      Novice Therapy Dog Livy visits Memorial Hermann Hospital 2019


 Faithful Paws Team 

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                  Photo: Robyn Arouty   

Livy attended the National Dog Show December 14-16 in Orlando Florida and dove 20.9 feet.
To date, Livy has achieved a title in Obedience Canine Good Citizen (CGC), and three Titles in Dock Diving. Senior, Master, and Elite division. Livy is a member of NADD North America Diving Dogs, an AKC organization and is ranking high above average all of the Golden Retrievers in The United States. She is diving an average of 25.9 feet 
The dock diving record is held by Sounders in Super Elite Masters, a whippet, at 35.6 feet. 
Livy is also a novice Therapy dog working with Faithful Paws and Believe in Dog Therapy extending her to-date titles. 
Livy matched the longest Golden Retriever jump to date.
AKC North American Dive Dogs on July 25, 2019, Houston Dive Dogs at 27.6 feet.
She ranks #2 in Golden Retriever Breed and #92 in Elite Division.
Livy also trained in Beginner Agility with Martine Kopka at J-Canine in Rosenberg, Texas 2019 and attended Martine's Board and Train for 5 weeks in 2019. 
Livy is a very sweet, beautiful and talented girl and loves to learn and fly.


  • Lucie Rell Sunn Herrera
  • Lucie came to me as a GRRH foster.
  • I named her after Rell Sunn, the famous, female Hawaiian surfer.
  • Lucie's name means Light and Heart of the sea. 
  • Lucie loved life and loved to play and dance.
  • Lucie passed away December 20, 2008 at 9 years old.
  • Rest in peace Lucie.

Photo Collage By Dianna Ray 2008
  • Rose Green Bean Herrera  AKA "Rosie"
  • I adopted Rosie from Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever rescue.
  • Rosie became Tom's eyes and ears in his last senior year.
  • Since we didn't know her exact birthday, her special day was the same as Tom's, February 14, approximately 1997.
  • Rosie passed away Valentine's Day 2010.
  • Rosie was an inspiration to the creation of Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston.
  • Without her survival spirit, many dogs would not have been rescued. 
  • Thank you Rosie.
  • Your incredible beauty is greatly missed.
  • Rest in Peace my sweet grrl.

Photo by Beth Warner 2004

  • TOM
  • Thomas T. Terrific Sandcake Herrera A.K.A. Tom, Tommy, Tom Tom, Snoopy, Bubby and Love Boy.
  • Born February 14, 1987
  • Found at Alabama and Dunlavy in October of 1987.
  • Dr. Davidson, Tom's vet, estimated his birth to be late January or early February, so I made his celebration on Valentine's Day.
  • He never fetched a thing in his life and kissed only if he really, really wanted to.
  • Golden retriever mix, who inspired me to start Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston.
  • We think he may have been a dancer in a past life, and we know he is dancing now.
  • Tom passed to spirit August 14, 2002.

"Tom in the Garden of Bones"    
Beth Warner 
Visit Beth's site here.

Oi Roo
My magical 80's companion, Oi Roo. She was an Aussie Mix and so very intelligent. 

  • ZOE
  • This is my Godchild, Zoe.
  • Zoe is a fun, bright girl and has graduated from pastry school in NYC at the Culinary Institute in 2009.
  • Zoe was nominated for a James Beard Award Nominee in 2019 for her work with Pastry.
  • She is also one of New York's Young Guns,
  • She is amazing, full of bounding, creative energy.
  • She is great company, we are so proud and we love her very much.
Zoe 2008


       Momofuku Milk Bar NYC 2010

Zoe 2012

Zoe and Moog 2015 Sous-Chef de Cuisine at Sadelle's

 Read about Zoe Here


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